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Hitting up California, Washington and Montana this month!

New track premiere on “Run The Trap”

Another New Single From Lafa Taylor and Medium Troy!

New Lafa Taylor x Medium Troy – Free DL!!

It’s finally arrived. The perfect summation of how we ‘freaks’ spend our weekends each summer. The spot on take on the festival lifestyle from hippie-hop icon Lafa Taylor produced by Medium Troy pokes its non-judmental finger right into our mushy domes and tickles it nonstop from start to finish.

“All My Friends Are Freaks” skewers champagne breakfast, getting endlessly lost between stages, and eating mushrooms ’til we “giggle like girls do.” I’ll go so far as to say, if this track doesn’t represent your crew’s approach to festivals, you’re doing it wrong. If I knew whether or not you were a cop, I’d offer you some drugs to enjoy this cut even more, but I think you’ll do just fine. And Medium Troy brings in members of the Bohemian Dub Orchestra to fill the track with some high-class funk.

Wake up and rage. Then press repeat.
-The Untz

New Colab w BASSNECTAR Out Now!!!

Beyond stoked to announce this brand new colab between Lafa Taylor and Bassnectar!! This is track 12 off of Bassnectar’s new album, “Noise VS Beauty”

New Video of the Turf Feinz dancing to “Click Tick Drop”

Check out this video of the world famous Turf Feinz (from the viral video “Dancing in the Rain” ) dancing to Lafa Taylor’s track, “Click Tick Drop”! The video was filmed in front of the fox theater in Oakland!

Lafa Taylor and Polish Ambassador Colab Out Now!

Lafa premieres new colab track with the polish ambassador at lightning in a bottle
(Lafa premieres new colab track with the polish ambassador at lightning in a bottle)

Stoked to bring you this brand new colab track with The Polish Ambassador!  The track is called Forever Lost and is off of his upcoming album, “Pushing Through the Pavement”. You can check the in the sound cloud link below:

Brand New Album Out Now!

Brand New Song and Video Out Now For, “Etc. Etc.”

Stoked to bring you this new song and video from my upcoming album “Not One Thing”

I directed, shot, and edited the video myself.

You can also stream and download the song directly from my Bandcamp Page

Hope you enjoy! #backinmyzone


Not One Thing Now Available for Pre-sale!!!!!!

Lafa Taylor - Not One Thing Album Cover

After having not released a full length album since 2006, I am very excited to present to you, “Not One Thing.” The bum consists of 12 original tracks with production by myself, Russ Liquid, Afro Massive, two hands and Dropical as well as a track featuring Marv Ellis. This album is a mix of many styles as  the title suggests. You will get some classic Lafa Taylor vibes with songs like “Hold On Tight” and “Eugene”, you will find tracks reminiscent of the Mixed Emotions EP with songs like “Think of You” and “Now Is All We Have” and you will find dance floor favorites like “Heaters” as well as me with a live band on “Let it Go”.This album is a collection of a few of the many  veins of my sound, and is indeed, not one thing. My next single “Let it Go” with Afro Massive will be released once Bandcamp shows 100 supporters. You can become a supporter by purchasing a presale album in digital or compact disc format. Also as a Bonus the first 100 people to purchase a presale physical CD will receive a signed copy.  Visit now to preview the first single “Click Tick Drop” and reserve your limited edition signed copy.